An In-Depth Review of Visual Studio Code

Integrated Environment Software (IDE) software is used in Web Development and consolidates the critical tools developers use for writing, testing, and editing software. It is a necessary tool for web developers who would otherwise be required to select and manage all of their tools separately, rather than in one single framework. IDE’s streamline processes make web development more precise and quicker, but choosing the right one for you can really depend on what you need it for since IDE software can differ. Here we have selected our three favorites, each with slight differences, hoping to help make the decision that little bit easier. 

Perhaps the most complete option of the three, Visual Studio Code is excellent IDE software straight out of the box. Developed by Microsoft in 2015, it is written in TypeScript, JavaScript, and CSS and can be used by a host of different programming languages, which makes it an accessible tool for most web developers. 

Intelligent code completion and support for snippets, debugging, code refactoring, and embedded Git are key features of Visual Studio Code and we’ve broken them down for you. 

Intellisense and Snippet Support 

An automatic code editing and completion feature, this function is a widely praised specialty of Visual Studio Code. Unlike auto-complete, Intellisense uses a language service that can predict possible completions. The language service is considered comprehensive. Snippet support is an auto-complete feature based on code you have already written.  


Visual Studio Code has a fantastic debugging support tool which also comes highly recommended, with basic debugging done automatically. This interactive feature comes built-in however there are add-ons for additional languages.  

Code Refactoring 

The process of restructuring code for the purpose of better design without impeding the functionality which in turn, seeks to reduce complexity and improve readability. Visual Studio Code allows you to do this from within the editor which is far more efficient.  

Embedded Git 

The integrated Git function allows for adding, committing, pulling, and pushing changes directly from your editor. This is a more collaborative and inclusive approach to coding and makes your workflow more efficient and robust. 

As for user interface and experience, Visual Studio Code is easy to use, even for beginners, especially if you’re already a Windows user. Users can change the theme to suit their preferences, and there are many keyboard shortcuts. Advanced features and extensions may be installed for added functionality for the more seasoned web developer. 

The best part about Visual Studio Code? It’s free. Also available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, this is a high-performance tool for both beginners and advanced web developers with excellent tech support provided through Microsoft.