Best Cleaning Program for PC

With the overall objective of increasing the speed and performance of devices, system optimizing software carries an array of features to improve system efficiency. By uninstalling unused software, cleaning up damaged files, defragmenting and clearing browser history, system optimizing software does just that – optimize the critical function of your Poor laptop. These tools can be incredibly useful for aging computers and can protect your device from external malware attacks and fill gaps in privacy protection. With all this in mind, it is no surprise that trust is an enormous factor when considering which tool to go with, so we’ve listed our Top 3 Optimizing Software options that are trusted and high performing. 

CCleaner is a popular all-in-one system optimization suite that has been an industry favorite for it’s functional and reliable free version. The paid Professional plan is filled with features and considered a top-rated all-inclusive package. 

As the name suggests, CCleaner is system optimization software geared towards cleaning your registry. Originally created for Windows, the system registry described accurately by Wikipedia is a hierarchal database that stores low-level settings for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Basically, it is a database that saves settings and preferences for everything you do on your PC. These settings can get damaged or corrupted over the life of your PC or laptop, which is where a tool like CCleaner comes in. It seeks to track down these damaged files or settings and clean them away by clearing invalid pathways. In summary, CCleaner is an excellent tool for Windows users. 

However, this doesn’t mean the tool is useless for Mac users. The Mac equivalent of a system registry, if you can call it that since they operate very differently, is Mac Preference Files. Mac Preference Files stores all the third-party preferences from all the apps or software you use. Like Windows, these preferences can also become corrupted; however, in the case of Mac, they can simply be removed. This is where CCleaner comes in. In the same way it does for Windows, CCleaner will identify and remove these settings instead of trying to fix them. 

Other features of CCleaner, applicable to both Windows and Mac, are disk defragmentation (Professional Plus plan only), real-time systems monitoring, regular updates, software uninstallation, and general cleaning of unwanted, damaged, or corrupted files. Deleting browser information, automatic updating, and optimizing setting complete the general functions of CCleaner. While caution is always advised when deleting files, CCleaner is also a trusted brand. It is less likely to corrupt your operating system but removes the wrong critical files because its central function is removing invalid references. When an invalid path reference is detected, the file is not in use, and therefore safe to delete. 

The user interface is also well designed, practical, and easy to use, which is useful for beginner users. 

The CCleaner free version is considered a great starting point, including all the major features, however the paid Professional will provide comprehensive cover for personal users. If you’re interested in more softwares like these, check out this Dave2D’s video.