GOM Player: The Best Video Player For Windows

Like VLC, GOM Player is one of the leading media players in the market these days. It is developed by GOM and Company with a full-fledged version made for desktop and mobile-compatible versions for Android as well as iOS. It is very capable of playing audio and video files whether from the internet or not. It has a free as well as a paid version, called GOM Player Plus which is ad-free and more stable than its free alternate. It is available at $15 for a perpetual license. GOM means ‘bear’ in Korean, therefore its icon is a bear’s paw. 

GOM Player has various features, which makes it an outstanding software for playing files. It supports tons of different formats, including MP4, FLV, and MOV. The program is also well known for playing broken files too. It has massive codec support as it has a codec finder tool. This enables you to download codecs easily and play files that have an unsupported format. Additionally, it even supports VR and 360-degree videos which are not very common. It also backs various subtitle formats and with a data collection of over 10 years, it automatically searches subtitles for the video being played which can be downloaded and applied with a single click.  

A downside of the application is that its interface, regardless of being clean and simple, isn’t very intuitive. It may restrict the accessibility of features to users that are relatively new to the software, which is not appreciated. Only a few controls are displayed with minimum playback options but other than that, most controls are harder to find by looking through the system. Although this is a drawback and may cause a little discouragement, it can be overlooked considering everything that’s being offered. Plus, it does have many hotkeys if configured. 

The system has many characteristics that make it an outstanding choice. These include the ability to alter brightness, contrast, and saturation levels in videos. The Control Panel also offers an equalizer for the audio played as well as adjustment of size and placement of subtitles. It automatically adds files with similar names to an existing playlist and allows their renaming, even when being played. A Screen Capture feature is also accessible through which you can capture the frame and save it in the desired format, be it JPEG, PNG, or BMP AniGIF.   

Customization of the media player was focused on a good deal considering all the in-built skins and logos. A tool called Transparency is integrated with the software which is great when a video needs to be played without being in focus. Another tool enables the program to be pinned at top of the screen over the browser. 

One more tool that is very helpful is GOM Remote. It is an app, available on Android and iOS, and basically works as a remote for the media player. With a simple pairing procedure, it works hand in hand with GOM Player and allows you to comfortably control playback, volume, fast forward or rewind videos, mirror files from phone to PC, and much more. 

Potentially unwanted apps are included in the software’s installation but they can be declined if paid attention during the process. Other than this, it is a completely safe media player. GOM Player is not an ordinary program as it has many unique features which provide an enjoyable experience. 


GOM Player is an excellent media player that can play back almost any video or audio format. It’s easy to use, lightweight and offers playing speed control, and subtitle support. If you’re looking for a way to play media from your computer on your TV, GOM Player may be the perfect choice for you. You can download it for free on Windows and Mac computers today. We hope you enjoyed this article on GOM Player.